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The psychology of interior design is a field within environmental psychology that relates to the environmental conditions of where we live, work, or play. A symbiotic relationship develops between the environment and how it affects the behaviors of its inhabitants, with the purpose of trying to maximize the positive aspects of this relationship. Through these methods, the performance, efficiency and comfort of both the space and the health of the individual are improved.


Our space is an extension of our inner lives and from there develops interplay between design with emotions and functionality. We strive to maximize these conditions in the work place and home through color, light, proxemics, layout, functionality, and cues of emotional and physical comfort.


This concept of design is especially important for those suffering from psychological or developmental issues. Rooms are designed to maximize sensory stimulation and provide self-exploration and comfort while allowing the individual to self-regulate and control stress levels.


This is key to the residents of Baby House where many of the clients, due to developmental issues, struggle to express themselves in more traditional emotional or physical means to become validated and comforted; and thus must seek other means of expression, especially during crisis, to learn to regulate their stress and anxiety and maximize their development, self-control and overall psychological well-being.

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Make a Difference!

Make a Difference!

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